Use Adzviser on ChatGPT
Expert Mode

Expert Mode

At Adzviser, we are convinced that the true productivity of teams can only be unlocked through the flexibility of our product. Thus, we provide our API endpoints in expert mode to ensure maximum flexibility.

In contrast to Adzviser's GPT in standard mode (opens in a new tab), where you have limited control over the output, in expert mode, you customize your GPT configuration and utilize Adzviser's endpoints for specific actions. You are not just limited to utilize Adzviser for actions; you can also integrate other powerful actions too, such as Zapier (opens in a new tab).

This enpowers you to transform your GPT into a highly efficient chatbot that

  • Is equipped with comprehensive background knowledge and context, such as your sales, inventory, and out-of-home advertising data.
  • Operates based on your custom instructions.
  • Automates your daily tasks and routines through a variety of actions.
  • Is shareable among coworkers in your organization or publicly.

Watch this step-by-step guide to BYO GPT

Step 1: Create a GPT

Once you are on the GPTs page, click on "Create a GPT".

Create a GPT Image

Step 2: Configure Your GPT

Click on "Configure".

Configure Your GPT Image

Step 3: Add Actions

Assign a name to your custom GPT first. Then click on "Create new action".

Add Actions Image

Step 4: Import Adzviser endpoints

Click "Import from URL" and enter

Import Url Image

Step 5: Configure OAuth

Click the ⚙️ button in Authentication section. Then select "OAuth" in the dialog.

In the Authorization URL field, type In the Token URL field, type

Configure OAuth Image

Select OAuth Image

Enter Authorization and Token URLs Image

Step 6: Add extra custom configuration

You can add any custom instructions and/or upload any files such as internal sales spreadsheets, inventory data, etc. Our only recommendation is to add two custom instructions here:

  • Always calculate the date range using python to speculate user's intent. For example, if user asks for some historical data from last week, calculate that date range using python.
  • Note that if the user asks for daily/weekly/quarterly/monthly metrics/breadowns, please reflect such info in the field time_granularity.

In addition, you can add more actions in your GPT as an option. Your GPT, your rule. Once you are done with your other custom configuration, click "Save".

Add Extra Custom Configuration Image


✨Congratulations✨! You've just unlocked the power of your very own GPT. Now, you can dive into the cutting-edge world of marketing data analysis, powered by the limitless potential of generative AI.

Congrats On GPT Creation Completion Image