Use Adzviser on Google Sheets
How to install

Installing the Adzviser Google Sheets Add-on

Installing the Adzviser Google Sheets add-on is simple.

You can add Adzviser to your Google Sheets in a couple of easy steps. Here's how:

  • Via Google Workspace Marketplace: Visit our page (opens in a new tab) on Google Workspace Marketplace and click the "Install" button.
  • Directly through Google Sheets: Open a new (opens in a new tab) or existing Google Sheet, navigate to the "Extensions" menu, select "Add-ons", then "Get add-ons". In the search bar, type "Adzviser" and follow the installation prompts.

Launch Adzviser in Google Sheets

Once Adzviser is installed, you're just a click away from launching it:

  • Go to the "Extensions" tab in your Google Sheets.
  • Find Adzviser listed among your add-ons.
  • Select "Adzviser", then choose "Launch Sidebar" from the submenu.
Launch Adzviser Google Sheets add-on Image

🎉 Congratulations! You've successfully installed and launched the Adzviser Google Sheets add-on. Enjoy enhancing your data analysis with Adzviser!