Use Adzviser on ChatGPT
Standard Mode

Standard Mode

Once you have finished the OAuth (opens in a new tab) process with ChatGPT, you are free to test water with Adzviser GPT (opens in a new tab), a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to Supermetrics. See how to complete the OAuth process (opens in a new tab).

Except for the conservation starter that are listed in, you can also try the following prompts:

  • Google Analytics 4: What devices do my vistors use to visit my website?
  • Google Analytics 4: How long does each user engage with my website per page?
  • Google Ads: What is the search impression share this month vs last month?
  • Google Ads: Which keywords drives the highest ctr this week? Give me the top 5.
  • Meta Ads: Which demographics (age and gender) group has clicked on my ads the most?
  • Meta Ads: How many website checkouts are initiated?
  • Instagram Insights: How many profile followers do I have now?
  • Instagram Insights: How many likes and follows do each of my posts receive in the past 3 month?


Metrics and Breakdowns

To find out the metrics and breakdowns (a.k.a dimensions) supported by Adzviser (opens in a new tab) per data source, you can check out the tables below.

  • A metric is a quantitative measurement. It represents data that can be measured and expressed in numbers. Metrics are used to track performance or behavior. Examples include clicks, impressions, conversions, revenue, etc.
  • A breakdown is a qualitative attribute or descriptor. It provides context for metrics by categorizing or segmenting them. Breakdowns are text. Examples include country, channel, campaign name, date, etc.

Data sourceTypeLink
Facebook Page InsightsMetrics
Facebook Page InsightsBreakdownsN/A
Data sourceTypeLink
Google Search ConsoleMetricsclicks, impressions, ctr, position
Google Search ConsoleBreakdowns