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Facebook Ads Prompt Templates

Facebook Ads Prompt Templates

Feel free to utilize the prompts below as a guideline in Adzviser GPT (opens in a new tab) for efficient data exploration and enhancement in analytics. These examples serve as a foundational reference, offering inspiration for effective use in your data discovery and optimization processes.

You can also get your dedicated Facebook Ads Virtual Assistant GPT here (opens in a new tab).

Facebook Ads

Campaign Performance Report

"I would like a comprehensive view of the Facebook Ads campaign performance. The analysis should cover key metrics such as impressions, total cost, average CPC, CPM, average CPA, CTR, and conversion detail. Lastly, show me each campaign performance and arrange them according to their impressions."

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Insights Report

"Generate an Adzviser insights report for Meta Ads for the current month, focusing on:

  • Comparing the allocated monthly budget to the actual "Spend" until yesterday.
  • Analyzing the spending trend and calculating the pacing percentage, highlighting significant discrepancies in spending.
  • Discussing the differences between predicted "Spend" and actual "Spend" until yesterday.
  • Briefly comparing current spend pacing to the previous month, using "Spend" and "Cost Per Action" trends.
  • Providing strategic recommendations for budget adjustments based on the current pacing, considering "ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)" and engagement metrics."
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Month-over-month Report

“Prepare a Facebook Ads month on month high-level report for the past 12 months. The report should provide insights into impressions, frequency, link clicks, link CTR, website conversions, conversion rate, cost, conversion cost, cost per link click, and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).”

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Audience Engagement Analysis Report

“Create an analysis focusing on audience engagement with our Facebook posts, using insights such as likes, comments, shares, and reach. Highlight trends over the past month and suggest content strategies that resonate with our target audience.”

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Ad Spend Efficiency Report

“Produce a report evaluating the efficiency of our ad spend on Facebook, incorporating metrics such as cost per click, cost per conversion, and overall ROI. Break down the data by ad set to pinpoint the most cost-effective strategies.”

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Geo Targeting and Demographic Insights Report

“Construct a report on users engaging with our Facebook ads by separately analyzing breakdowns where possible. Start with geographic breakdowns to identify the countries and regions most responsive to our ads. Follow this with demographic breakdowns, including age and gender. Lastly, examine the interests of these users. If certain combinations of breakdowns, such as age, country, gender, publisher platform, and region, are invalid for a single query, consider querying these elements in separate requests. This approach aims to refine our targeting strategy by highlighting the most responsive demographic segments and geographic areas.”

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Ad Creative Performance Evaluation Report

“Formulate an assessment of our Facebook ad creatives, comparing performance metrics such as engagement rate and click-through rate across different ad formats (e.g., image, video, carousel). Identify the most effective creatives and suggest improvements for lower-performing formats.”

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