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Google Analytics Prompt Templates

Google Analytics 4 Prompt Templates

Feel free to utilize the prompts below as a guideline in Adzviser GPT (opens in a new tab) for efficient data exploration and enhancement in analytics. These examples serve as a foundational reference, offering inspiration for effective use in your data discovery and optimization processes.

You can also get your dedicated Google Analytics Virtual Assistant GPT here (opens in a new tab).

Google Analytics


"What are the sessions, engagement rate, total users and session conversion rate on google analytics this past month? How are they compared to the month before?"

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Conversion Funnel Graph

"What are sessions, engaged sessions and conversions last week? Make sessions the upper funnel, engaged sessions mid funnel and conversions lower funnel and show me a percentage histogram."

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Daily Conversions & Conversion Rate Graph

"Get me daily conversions and session conversion rate, user conversion rate and purchaser conversion rate for this month. Graph the conversions using histograms and other rates using line graphs."

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Pie Chart of Conversions / Session Channel Group

"Can I get a pie chart from ga4 with conversions over session default channel grouping? I also want the data to be displayed along with percentage. Ensure that the data is represented as percentages and use colors that contrast well for clarity."

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Table form of on-site activity by source

"Get me session source, sessions, conversions and conversion rate in the past 30 days. Show the data in table form."

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Ecommerce + Organic Social (Instagram & Facebook)

"Pull organic Facebook and Instagram metrics at post level for the past 30 days. As well as the metrics, also pull the creation date and link url of each post for context.

  • Instagram bio Website Clicks
  • Instagram Total Impressions
  • Instagram Total Reach
  • _Instagram Total Engagement _
  • Facebook post Link Clicks
  • Facebook Total Impressions
  • Facebook Total Reach
  • Facebook Total Engagement

After you have pulled these metrics, then calculate engagement rate for each post, which is simply engagement / reach. Then also pull the follower count on Instagram Profile and Facebook Page this month vs last month. Compare the difference and tell me if it has grown or dropped.

Using Google Analytics data that can be attributed to any organic social media, Facebook and/or Instagram, at the session default channel group and session source and medium level, pull daily data in the past 30 days:

  • New Users
  • Users
  • Sessions Per User
  • Sessions
  • Engaged Sessions
  • Engagement Rate
  • Add to Cart
  • Total Purchases
  • Total Revenue

After you have pull these data, perform the actions below

  1. Look for high performing organic posts/dates to promote using Meta Ads. Highlight 3 posts/dates that lead to organic social success. Focus on the highest IG and/or FB “Engagement Rate”, “Instagram bio Website Clicks” and “Facebook post Link Clicks”.
  2. Look for Google Analytics metric improvements over time that correlate to any organic social efforts over time. Highlight 3 posts/dates that lead to Google Analytics metric improvements. Focus on high “New Users” and/or “Total Purchases”"
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