Use Adzviser in Looker Studio
Create a Report

Create a New Blank Report

To create a new blank report in Looker Studio, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in (opens in a new tab) to Looker Studio
  2. Click + Create and then select Report.
  3. Add data to report by either creating a new data source or using an existing reusable data source.
  4. Select a workspace.

More detailed instructions for steps 1 to 3 can be found in Google Help Docs (opens in a new tab).

Select a workspace

You are required to select a workspace before you can continue creating a report.

Select a Workspace to Create a Report Image

Only the workspaces connected to the corresponding data source will appear in the "Select workspace" list. For instance, if you have created 10 workspaces, but only 2 are connected to Facebook Ads accounts, when you create a report using the Facebook Ads connector, only those 2 workspaces will be shown. The other 8 workspaces will be filtered out and not hidden 🗂️🔗📊.

Add your first chart

More detailed instructions for how to add a chart can be found here in Google Help Docs (opens in a new tab).

Select the chart type

In the tool bar, click Add a chart.

Select a Chart Type Image

Drag and drop metrics and dimensions

Drag metrics and dimensions from the data panel to the chart properties panel respectively. Watch our video demo on how to do so here (opens in a new tab).

Drag and Drop Metric and Dimensions Image