Use Adzviser on Google Sheets

Authentication from Google Sheets

If you have used our GPT (opens in a new tab), this process should be very familiar.

Watch this guide to using Adzviser on Google Sheets

Step 1: Authorize with Adzviser

Expand "Workspaces" or "Accounts" dropdown menu, click "Authorize with Adzviser" button.

Authorize with Adzviser from Google Sheets Image

Step 2: Click to Authorize

If you're an existing Adzviser user, simply enter your email and password, then select “Click to Authorize”. For new users, you have the option to sign up (opens in a new tab) for an Adzviser account or use “Continue with Google” for quick access to the Adzviser homepage. More instructions on how to sign up a new account can be found here (opens in a new tab).

Step 3: Finish OAuth Flow

Once you have upgraded your subscription plan and created your workspace and connected data sources, you are ready to finish the OAuth flow. To complete the process, select "Complete Authentication with Google Sheets". You should then receive a message "Authorization complete. Please close this window." Feel free to close this tab.

Complete Authentication with Google Sheets Image

Here are instructions for how to upgrade your subscription plan (opens in a new tab), and how to create a new workspace (opens in a new tab).