Use Adzviser in Looker Studio

Introduction to Adzviser in Looker Studio

Looker Studio (opens in a new tab), formerly known as Google Data Studio, has long been a favorite among digital marketers for being completely free of charge. It offers built-in connectors (opens in a new tab) for major marketing platforms like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, along with a variety of free templates (opens in a new tab) for these platforms.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Looker Studio connectors to Adzviser's suite of marketing analytics tools 📊🚀. These new connectors are designed to enhance monitoring and reporting capabilities. They complement the existing features of interactive Q&A with ChatGPT (opens in a new tab) and in-depth analysis through Google Sheets (opens in a new tab), offering a comprehensive solution for marketers' analytical needs.

Adzviser Looker Studio Connectors Demo Image

With our new Looker Studio connectors (opens in a new tab), marketers can:

  • Effortlessly build both simple and complex cross-channel data visualization dashboards, such as heat maps, geo maps, and scatter plots, using Looker Studio’s intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and powerful data blending functions.
  • Continuously monitor KPIs and performance metrics from your marketing channels with automatically refreshed data.
  • Collaborate and share insights easily with colleagues and clients.