Use Adzviser on Google Sheets

Introduction to Adzviser on Google Sheets

Our Adzviser GPT (opens in a new tab) brings a seamless user interface to the forefront, simplifying access to marketing analytics. However, there are notable limitations:

  • Time out: Due to the 45-second time (opens in a new tab) constraint for GPT responses, some API calls may not complete, resulting in partial data.
  • Response Capacity: With a ChatGPT Plus subscription as of March 2024, the context length caps at 32K tokens (opens in a new tab), roughly equivalent to 8K characters. This limit can hinder the processing of complex queries, such as analyzing a year's worth of Google Ads metrics, leading to potential truncation of requests.
  • Reliabiltiy: The reliability of generative AI remains a challenge. Despite continuous efforts by Adzviser and OpenAI to enhance accuracy, users may still encounter erratic responses or hallucinations.

To overcome these challenges, we are excited to introduce our Google Sheets add-on 📊✨.

Adzviser Google Sheets add-on Demo Image

This new feature enhances your analytical capabilities by allowing:

  • Quick Metric/Breakdown Selection: Easily choose specific metrics and breakdowns from your desired data sources.
  • Simultaneous Date Range Queries: Conduct analysis across various date ranges concurrently.
  • Cross-channel Data Extraction: Access and compare data from multiple sources within the same workspace effortlessly.

Our Google Sheets add-on is designed to complement our GPT integration, streamlining your marketing analytics workflow.